10 facts about Coin Master, the game that is taking over the world

If he is alive and not truly blind or deaf. You have probably heard of this mobile game that is making its way to the top of the App Store. Yes, we are talking about Coin Master.

When it comes to Coin Master, there are only two types of people.

People who hate everything symbolic. And the unknown is better than just getting addicted to it, like they did with Candy Crush in the old days.

Anyway If you don’t know it Here are 10 facts about the new Coin Master timer (yes, it’s two words, not one, like in Coinmaster).

1. What is Coin Master?
Yes, we have said that this game is not really new, right? It was released in 2010, in fact. Last June, the company behind Moon Active uploaded a new trailer to YouTube, however, a year later, the game went viral on social media.

2. How to play Coin Master
We can’t say what it was like in 2010, but now the game is based on virtual slots. Actually That’s almost the entire game. You accumulate spins slowly. overtime And you use it to spin the slot machine. This can give you coins, attacks, attacks, shields, or more spins.

and as the name of the game says Coins are important

3. Construction of villages and raids
There is also a village building feature in the game. In which you use the coins you collect from slot machines to build and upgrade buildings in your village. as far as we can tell building (And expand the town too) did nothing. unless you earn stars every time you upgrade a building.

Also, celebrities don’t do anything, think about it.
but wait With raids and robberies and whatever else you get in a slot machine. You will have to raid and loot other people’s villages to get more coins! Hurrah?

4. Play with your friends in Coin Master.
Speaking of other people, why play this game with strangers? Since you can play this game with your friends? That’s right, you can connect your Facebook account when you start the game. And do everything a social mobile game can do, like prank your friends by spamming them with game invites. Or annoy your friends to give away free stuff in the game. Or attack/attack your village!
Don’t blame the game if you lose your friends!

5. Trading cards
Oh yes, there are also collectible cards in the game. Why the hell isn’t he there? In addition to building your village (or repairing buildings) Coins can also be used to buy chests. There are 3 different chests that you can buy. that contain different numbers of chromiums.
You ask them what are they doing? when you complete the set you will be rewarded with more spins! (And sometimes pets, which increase rewards for in-game activities.)

6. Lots of coins and stars!
When you play more games you will get more coins and stars!
It’s a great game. I am right?

Everyone likes big numbers when it comes to things like coins or stars. Get ready to spin the slot machine and win up to ten million coins! Once again, coins do nothing but help you earn more coins. Also, celebrities do nothing.
But hey, more coins!
It’s in the name of a friend. I’m not sure what else you expected.

7. Even more mindless rewards!
You may be wondering about the town. What happens when you upgrade your village building to max level?
Guess what?
You unlock another village. You can start updating again! (Hahahahahaha kill me now)

8. Microtransactions
Oh, if you are impatient and want to earn a lot of coins faster than you can in the game, don’t worry, you can throw away all your hard-earned money in the game. and buy more coins!
It doesn’t matter that a few million coins will require you to spend a little more time playing slot machine games. You can trade for $40 instead!
I personally never understood how people can throw away all their money like that. But I know something? I haven’t actually played this game.

9. YouTube SG Ads
if you are like me you may have heard about this game from singapore youtube ads.
Ads are literally everywhere, in every video, I swear.
Moon Active is perhaps one of the most well-known YouTube personalities in Singapore, trying to contact JianHao Tan and book him to film a commercial with another influencer.
Sounds familiar? Seriously, this ad survived its reception.
And to find out how YouTubers make money, watch this video up to the end:

10. Coin Master Review
I have mentioned the haters and
The Moon Active YouTube video, which is basically just an advertisement for the game. There are more dislikes than dislikes. The comment section is full of people trashing the game.

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