Please Pray for this baby

Baby Jamison had a heart transplant towards the end of December due to severe Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He did very well receiving his new heart, but shortly after, he had a hemorrhagic stroke and went into cardiac arrest. It took them 39 minutes to get him back and on ECMO. His lungs, kidneys, and liver all took a major hit when he arrested. Since then, his lungs are looking better. His kidneys and liver still have a little more healing to do. As of now, he’s not showing any neuro deficits and has moved all 4 extremities.

These 2 pics were taken approximately 4 days apart.

I’d like to ask for prayers for our sweet little warrior that he may continue to heal and grow stronger. And, also ask for prayers for the donor family who found the strength to help others during their unimaginably horrible loss 💔 🙏

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