Pray for the baby

I would like to ask for prayers for my 2 yr old grand daughter. She had an accident 3 days ago when a horse being led by her daddy fell on our sweet little angel. She hasn’t shown much improvement but she cries out in pain. She did tell her momma “naughty neigh neigh momma” (meaning naughty horse). We are grateful our little sweetheart is alive. It’s been 6 yrs ago almost to the day we lost her older brother in a car accident. Then 8 months later we lost our only son in his sleep. This tragedy has reflected back terrible memories, feelings and aching hearts. We feel numb and lost. We have a big extended family and they have willingly joined with us in prayer every day including many of their in-laws, our friends and ward members. Now we ask our brothers & sisters Worldwide to join us to pray in behalf of our darling girl, her momma & daddy. We know prayer works and especially in numbers. We are grateful for those of you that are willing to join us. Thank you so very much.
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