Cat Rescue🐈 in the last second

Young Cubo was found while he was disoriented wandering on the busy streets of Bulgaria 🇧🇬. Sadly, not all strays in distress are getting the attention they need, but poor Cubo was lucky: He was caught by kindhearted people and rushed to the FOUR PAWS Bankya clinic🏥 for treatment.
May be a closeup of cat
During the examination 🩺by our veterinarian, it was confirmed Cubo was severely underweight, and it also became clear that his left eye was severely infected and already lost partial eyesight 😿. Cubo’s right eye was in an even worse condition: it had a torn cornea and purulent inflammation. It had to be removed immediately, as it caused him a lot of pain and was unsalvageable.💔
May be a closeup of cat
Thanks to intense post-operative care provided by our clinic team, his wounds healed fast. The resilient cat 🐈 regained his strength and his will to live. The fact he is blind does not stop him at all from discovering the world.
May be an image of cat and indoor
Cubo has fully adapted to life as a blind cat: he memorizes where all the furniture and the bowls are so he can munch on his favourite food whenever he wants to💗

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