From Nick Vujicic, netizens remember ‘knight’ Nguyen Cong Hung

Shame to see businesses spend billions of money on hiring… foreigners

At 19:30 last night (May 22), the young man without arms and legs, Nick Vujicic, had a lecture in Ho Chi Minh City, exchanging 24 examples of Seeds of the soul of Vietnam. Among those honored was IT knight Nguyen Cong Hung, remembered by many. And as soon as the show ended, he also became the most mentioned name in the stories of online residents.

Nguyen Cong Hung once shared his very emotional life: “On my body, only my head is active, and my heart is beating lightly, one hand moves and clicks, and everything seems dead, but just like After all, life is still beautiful.”

The fire of Nguyen Cong Hung’s life energy died out on the afternoon of December 31, 2012, but it has lit up much more of the faith of people with disabilities.

Before the “busy” event of Nick’s arrival in Vietnam, netizens “quietly” hunted for the image of Nguyen Cong Hung, Hieu Orion’s page expressed his thoughts with opposing verses:

There’s a guy selling tickets on here, Tickets to see the Western guy come to talk, Sell 500 thousand, and change hands, So I suddenly remembered him. I only lived in 30 green springs. His funeral was sad in silence.
Many people don’t know his name.

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