Happy birthday to Bruno

He robbed little Bruno of his rehabilitation money. The 22-year-old was charged. After a week, the thief fell into the hands of the police. It turned out that he was wanted because he had a sentence to serve in another case.

Dear friends, we would like to inform you that the current PLN 50k. PLN at the fundraiser is the money already spent on the seventh operation, which took place in November. Thank you for every zloty and surplus that will allow us to continue Bruno’s expensive rehabilitation and reduce the amount we will soon have to raise for the upcoming eighth operation. Bruno’s parents.

Beloved, thank you very much for your commitment and invaluable help in collecting the seventh operation of our son Bruno. Thanks to your generous hearts, Dr. Paley will fly especially from the USA to Poland in November to remove the blockages and wires from Bruno’s legs. The collection surplus will be transferred to Son’s sub-account and used in the process of long-term, costly rehabilitation. Thank you! Parents Nicola and Oscar.

URGENT leg surgery! Three-year-old Bruno from Szczecin was born with a congenital limb defect. He has no tibias in his legs, no knee, and his hands and feet are missing fingers.

In Poland, the only solution was the amputation of both legs. The son would move for the rest of his life in a wheelchair or with the help of prostheses. When we found a doctor in the United States who told us that he could help save Bruno’s legs, we were sure that we would do everything so our son could walk on his straight and healthy portions.

The legs were valued at PLN 1,260,000. The amount was definitely beyond our capabilities. We opened a fundraiser and looked everywhere for help. Thanks to people with great hearts, we managed to reach the smallest corners of Poland and raise the amount for the necessary operations in the USA. In October 2020, we flew across the ocean to save our son’s legs. Everything went as it should; the braces on the legs straightened the legs for six months. Unfortunately, in the meantime, complications arose, and the planned three surgeries became six. Infections appeared, and displacement of screws in the knees discouraged the Son from treatment, which resulted in a lack of cooperation with doctors and physiotherapists. Due to complications, part of his thigh and leg below the knee was removed. Thanks to you, we needed funds for additional rehabilitation, which we also managed to collect. At the end of July 2021. we completed the initial treatment in the USA, returning to Poland. Bruno still has a long way to an independent life, hard work, and many years of expensive rehabilitation.

Much worse information is that Bruno will have another operation this year because the doctor has to remove the blockade from his left knee, which was placed during treatment in the USA, so that the leg does not grow during the treatment. Today is the right time to cut it out so that the portion can grow at its own pace, as the doctor intended.

From the right leg, a bone wire will be pulled out, which is inserted at the height of the knee; the doctor wants the wire to be the length of the entire leg. The operation must take place this year. The good news is that it will be in Poland – Warsaw. Dear friends, we need your help; once again, we ask you for mobilization and support. Only with your help will we complete an essential stage in our lives: the fight for our son’s fitness.

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