Some of you may remember my daughter, Jessie, and her story. She was hit on the head (while wearing her helmet) while rock climbing this past Aug. 5.
She spent four weeks in the ICU, 40 days in rehab, and 7 in NAC for her cranioplasty.

She came home for 11 days and went back for another five days to have a shunt put in. She was home for a couple of months and doing so well and making a lot of progress! She is slowly getting movement back in her left side.

She had to learn how to breathe, swallow, speak, chew, and talk. Her memory is fantastic, although she has no memory of the day of her accident.
On Dec. 30, Jessie had her therapies in the morning and felt fine. I talked with her for a while, and she asked me for a maze book to help her. Jessie’s sister stayed with her while I ran to the store to find her a maze book. I came home, and Jess was asleep.

I woke her up a little while later for an appointment, and she had, but she was struggling and very lazy. She complained that her head started to hurt as soon as she sat up and started to throw up. We rushed her to the ED, where we found out that she had bacterial meningitis. She has been in and out of the hospital since then. She is now back in the hospital while doctors run some tests to see where the cause of her meningitis is from… possibly the shunt or the 3D-printed bone flap.

Please pray for Jessie and her Drs. Jessie is a miracle, I know! Every single doctor has told us many times what a miracle she is! I know gifts are real, and I have seen many wishes, Jessie! Can I ask for more prayers for her, please?! Please keep her in your prayers; she needs them all! Jess is the kindest, sweetest soul who only sees the good in everyone! She had other health issues before this and felt she had done something wrong and deserved this 💔💔💔 nothing good be further from the truth!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!❤ ❤
Tricia Liddiard

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