This is my sweet son Gavin; he’s 12 years old. Since March 21, he’s been battling Leukemia; by the grace of God, he recovered from a bleed and blood clot in his brain, and just last week, he was diagnosed with metastatic Sarcoma. This is more than any child should ever have to go thru, but he continues to fight with strength, determination, and a smile. He is the happiest kid I know despite everything he’s going thru. He dreams of being a dad and having a son, preferably two.
Please pray for my son. We firmly believe in the power of prayer and know that all things are possible with God. My son needs a miracle, and we pray that God will give him one. We are having a candlelight prayer gathering on Sunday at 4:30 PM (pst). Please light a candle for my son and pray for his complete healing. #gavinstrong

Sonya Stockwell

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