Bridger Walker bravely stepped in when the dog started barking at his sister on July 9, according to an Instagram post from his aunt.

The little boy was bitten on the head and faced several times when he accepted the animal. He was able to grab his sister’s hand and lead her safely away from danger. But the attack left him with several wounds, the most prominent on his face, which required 90 stitches.

Bridger said he would give up his own life to save his sister. “If anyone had to die, I thought it should be me,” Bridger said, according to the Instagram post.

The young boy’s selfless act went viral. Almost 100,000 people liked one of the posts on his aunt, Nicole Walker’s, Instagram page.

The six-year-old is now recovering at home and is in a good mood. “I just finished visiting Bridger at his home,” Nicole’s post read. “His wounds look so much better! He’s in great spirits, and his extraordinary personality is intact.

“He can’t smile too much yet, but he did smile when I read your comments. Amazingly, Bridger and his family feel no animosity towards the dog or its owners. I also want to mention here that the owners of Dog are truly great people who have been nothing but loving to Bridger and his family,” the post read.

“We feel no resentment towards them at all, and if anything, there is only an increase in love between our families due to this incident.”

Bridger’s aunt thanked the public for their overwhelming support for the youngster. “Once again, everyone’s kindness meant so much to us,” the post added. “I’ll try to get to all the messages I can, but it may take a while.” Some people are even asking if there is a GoFundMe page for Bridger. But the family says anyone willing to donate should instead give to military veterans groups Wounded Warrior Project and Mission 22. One request the family made was for people to send photos of rocks because Bridger likes geology. “Bridger is also a big fan of science, especially geology,” the post says. “So, I’m going to start a post where people can share photos of cool rocks they see with him.”

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