The woman finds a fantastic insect that looks like a white and lavender orchid.

Animals and insects that resemble beautiful flowers deceive uniquely and powerfully. So be careful when bending down to smell the flowers, as some could be animals or insects.

Margaret Neville, the owner of a farm in South Africa, was walking through her garden when she noticed something like a flower moving on a lavender bush. She approached and found it to be a fascinating insect, like nothing she had ever seen.
The delicate-looking creature is called the spiny praying mantis or Pseudocreobotra Wahlberg. It is a species of praying mantis found in sub-Saharan Africa. This species is ideal for camouflage in floral environments.

The remarkable insect almost looked like a work of art. Its white and green wings were accented with a swirl that looked like an eye, while the rest of its body was adorned with tiny purple flower-like structures.
She quickly shared the photo with her friend Kerri Martinaglia. And, of course, Martinaglia was equally impressed.
“When I saw it, I thought it was an exquisite work of art,” Martinaglia told The Dodo.

Martinaglia shared photos on social media, and the special praying mantis gained many admirers worldwide. They were astonished to learn that such an animal was real.

Before placing her back in the lavender bush, Neville gave her a name: Miss Frilly Pants. “She spent all of September living on my lavender,” said Neville. “She is still there now.”

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