In the 17-meter-deep abyss, a man and a fish have a magical friendship that lasts 30 years.

An accurate fairy tale about a 30-year magical relationship between a 79-year-old Japanese diver and his “couple,” a 17-meter-deep fish that moved the world.
A Japanese man is a diver and has been with “a friend” for 30 years. The strange thing is that the friend is not a fisherman but a fish from the water of Tateyama. The friendship between “man and fish” – a fairy tale in the middle of life has moved the whole world.

A 79-year-old Japanese diver, Hiroyuki Arakavu, proved that even fish form close bonds with humans. He has been friends with an Asian glass head fish named Yoriko for over 30 years.
Many studies have shown that animals often stay with the people who rescued them and became good friends for many years. And this often happens with mammals: dogs, cats, wild animals, and sometimes bears.

After taking care of him, the animal came closer to him
But a 79-year-old Japanese diver named Hiroyuki Arakavu has proven that even fish form strong bonds with humans. He has been friends with an Asian glass head fish named Yoriko for over 30 years. “We understand each other. I can not only talk but also caress and even kiss Yoriko. I am the only one who allows Yoriko to do this,” said Hiroyuki.

Arakawa met the animal while it was seriously injured, barely able to feed.
Scuba diver Hiroyuki Arakawa supervises the construction of the gate of an underwater Shinto shrine at a depth of 17m. Every day for the past 30 years, Hiroyuki has dived into the waters off Tateyama, Japan, to visit Yoriko. He severely damaged Yoriko’s mouth during a dive and exhausted the fish.

Every time Arakawa dives and gives the signal, the animal swims up.
In such a condition that the fish would not be able to feed on its own, Hiroyuki spent ten days caring for Yoriko and personally feeding Yoriko with crab meat. Thanks to Hiroyuki’s dedicated care, Yoriko recovered and was as healthy as before.

After recovery, a strong bond developed between Yoriko and Hiroyuki. “I think Yoriko knew that I saved her, so she trusted me, hugged me, and loved me. I’m very proud that I was able to do that,” Hiroyuki said.

A diver over 80 years old and a friendship of almost three decades with a fish at the bottom of the sea.

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