An alien-like creature with eyes, ears, or a mouth latches onto divers after being caught on camera.

The bizarre creation of the sea, which an eyewitness liked a horror sci-fi monster, was caught on camera by a group of divers from the Sataya reef off the coast of Egypt.
After impacting a group of divers, a strange fiber-like creature with eyes, ears, or a mouth has been likened to a science fiction monster.
Lυkas Ostertag from Heidelberg, Germany, was among those who heard about the strange aquatic creature off the coast of Egypt at Sataya Reef.

He said: “Its appearance was a rubber tube-like thing from a square of logs with a pointed end. It looked like something he had seen before.
“It was super weird as it seemed to move on its own, and no one knew what it was.”

Lυkas sent the images of him to a filter organization dedicated to identifying aquatic species in search of explanations. They seemed to be puzzled too.

Oppe person wrote: “Wow, this is a puzzle. I could see it was a siphonophore, a soft coral, a pyrosome, maybe an emergency arm, or a jellyfish.
“I am perplexed!”

Another commented: “It looks like a ribbon worm, but the jellyfish part is possible too.”
Finally, Lυkas got an answer to the mystery from him when a film from another group splitting the same reef surfaced. The exact species is likely to be Thysaпostoma loriferυm, a jellyfish family.

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