Pray for Anggi

Hi everyone,

It came to our attention yesterday morning that Anggi, one of our beloved Resort staff members is seriously ill. We went to visit him at his home in his village only to find out that he is in an extremely critical condition.

We have made urgent arrangements to transport him and some of his family members safely off the island to the mainland Padang where an ambulance will await his arrival in order to take him directly to an emergency unit.

We have arranged for an immediate doctors examination, and to keep him at the hospital overnight for a few days until a doctor is able to diagnose him and treatment options are made known and made available to us. I am in direct contact with both the hospital, and soon the doctors, to ensure that I am informed of his condition and state at all times once he and his family reach Padang.

Of course there are no hospitals nor doctors skilled enough to care for him on the island because of our remote location.

Due to his traditional beliefs a few selected family members need to accompany Anggi to Padang.

At this time we do not yet know what the problem is, there seems to be something wrong with his stomach. He is extremely weak and fragile, he has not been able to eat or drink properly for weeks, he does not have the strength to talk and he is in excruciating pain. He stand on his own two feet, nor can he lie down, his family members need to hold him upright while he sleeps. He truly is in a devastating condition.

As soon as he reaches Padang and receives a diagnoses the hospital bills will begin to stack up. Of course, the family cannot afford any of it. Myself, Jaco and Kingfisher Resort have taken it upon ourselves to do whatever we can to help Anggi survive. I expect there to be weeks if not months of medical attention and rehabilitation dependent on the doctors diagnoses.

We have all been negatively affected in someway by the pandemic, including the people of the Mentawais Islands who rely on foreign tourism to support themselves and their extended families.

It is always hard to ask for financial support. Nonetheless we believe the cause outweighs all. At this stage we are asking for any financial contribution towards the upcoming medical attention he is going to need.

If you can please find it in your hearts to help us help Anggi – myself and Jaco as well as Anggi’s father, mother and wife, his family and friends would be eternally grateful to you.

Anggi’s family can barely afford to buy food, let alone medicine or any form of medical attention.

I will keep everyone up to date on Anggi’s condition and will be transparent with all information and medical bills. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

If you have any problems contributing, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Caylin, Jaco and the Kingfisher Mentawais Team

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