Time is an illusion – Hyperrealist artist paints the mechanisms behind time ⌚

Sinziana Iordache is a Toronto-based hyperrealist artist with a passion for drawing. As an artist focused on detail, Sinziana pays attention to small things and feels it is essential to paint every little thing to give the viewer an undeniable realism. Her art is related to various subjects, from watches and watch parts to insects and other macro issues.

Her knowledge of the mechanics of watches and their parts enables her to create exciting compositions that reveal beauty in excruciating detail. These images show us an insight into the reality that is rarely seen by the naked eye.

Her drawings are centered around the celebration of detail, allowing the viewer to pause and notice elements that often pass by. With a background in architecture and interior design, her current ongoing watch and macro series combine the precision of technical drawings with the artistic elements of art.

For almost ten years, the focus was on the human form and the unique character of each individual. Exposure to design and architecture has broadened her interest in a way that challenges, inspires, and allows for constant improvement of technical skills. While she primarily specializes in graphite, there is always a sense of exploration. Her works often contain traces of colored pencils or paint that complement the graphite.

Sinziana Iordache’s Horology Art drawings bring us the beauty of watches
Her hyperrealism drawings are impressive as they show a realistic and intricate depiction of objects she has decided to render. Being well-versed in technical drawings (primarily architectural) is enough here; Sinziana gets the edge in creating a hyper-realistic drawing.

Given her background in interior design, it’s no surprise that the artist focuses on perfecting the details. This can be seen in her hyper-realistic drawings that often take several hours to complete

At first glance, her work with intricate details may seem effortless. But if you think about it, what Sinziana does is far from straightforward – these drawings require a lot of time and a great deal of patience, as well as a steady hand and eye for detail. As she shows us below, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to achieve such excellent results (and see the world with fresh eyes).


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