26-Year-Old Model-Looking Digital Artist Creates Stunning Female Illustrations On Tablet

From a very young age, Laura H. Rubin was intimidated by her father, who, according to her, used to “draw like a god.” Her father’s high standards kept her from drawing because she feared failure. That’s why she admits she never liked to draw and never even tried.

Little did she know, however, that her father had profoundly influenced her and started her on a creative path. This led her to study “Cinema and Visual Effects” in Zurich, Switzerland, which was a turning point in her life. Her rigorous course involved visiting art museums and understanding visual impressions by drawing sketches for hours and days. The system also required her to draw storyboards for her film projects, first on paper and then digitally on the tablet.

The course gave Laura a direction in her life, and she took a job as a graphic designer at an advertising agency. The second turning point in her life came when her boyfriend gifted her an iPad Pro. This ignited her passion for drawing and the rest of her, as they say, is history!

Not for her the mundane themes of everyday life, Laura focuses on the human body, mainly the female body, as her subject. She creates surreal female illustrations using digital technology as part of her creative process. She can be seen how easily she draws the figures on her tablet and colors them in various ways. Black is her favorite color, as it is found in all her creations.

Although people generally think digital art requires less skill than traditional art, she refutes this, saying that it requires skill and a different mindset. According to her, there is no point in comparing them because art is art, whatever the medium. The only thing that matters to her is how the viewers receive it.

On the website parblo.com, Laura praises the benefits of digital drawing. She says, “You can use a single pen to imitate any color or shape you can imagine. You can work non-destructively and undo any mistakes. You can save a lot of money and resources because you don’t have to buy new pens or paper all the time.” On the downside, she cautions that one must learn to use all the new programs and tools to create art.

Laura encourages new artists to embrace digital art and urges them not to be afraid to experiment, no matter what software or tablet they use. She encourages them to try every button they find on the tablet and try it out. Last, if something doesn’t work, switch tracks and try something different until you find your style.

Today, this 26-year-old graphic designer and visual effects artist from Bern, Switzerland, is an established artist with over 600,000 followers on Instagram alone. She is a total fan of digital art and encourages everyone to learn it.


Laura H Rubin

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