The South Korean artist’s oil paintings are so incredibly realistic that they take you into the lap of nature

If you want to be close to nature, you don’t even have to leave your door. You only need to take a look at any of An Jung-hwan’s great nature paintings. It will take you right into the lap of nature! The paintings of this South Korean artist are so realistic that you can easily believe that they are photographed.

The art website very aptly describes Jung-hwan’s paintings, thus, “An Jung-hwan’s forest painting awakens us to be awed by such an original appearance of the forest, just like the silence serene of the universe”. It is certainly a pleasure to see this artist merge art and nature through his paintings in such a beautiful way.

Jung-hwan was born in South Korea and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea, where he majored in painting. He finds true beauty in nature and for him, a forest provides not only clean air, cool breeze, bright warm sun and clear water, but also tranquility immersed in silence.

It is not surprising that this talented artist chose to paint landscapes with nature as his subject. According to him, humans get everything from nature and let everything come back to nature. He uses oil paints to bring out in impeccable detail every leaf or blade of grass in his paintings, and the rich, vibrant colors of nature.

Of course, such immense talent cannot go unrewarded and Jung-hwan’s paintings cost more than $1,000. The highest price he has received for his painting, ‘Silent Woods,’ sold at Hosanna in 2009, was $15,810. He regularly participates in both private and collective exhibitions both in the country and abroad. He has more than 43,000 following followers on Instagram alone.


An Jung-hwan:

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