Chris Wilson’s enchanting nature sculptures

Chris Wilson, the sculptor, is the founder and owner of Wilson Wildlife Sculpture. He has been sculpting for over 40 years and has an extensive background in wildlife art.

Chris began his career as a creative, bright, and engaged student – at an art studies magnet school in Atlanta, Georgia. His earliest mentors were talented wildlife artists Marilyn Arn and Gary Denzler. Mr. Denzler trained Chris to value close observation of his subject; as a teenager, Chris designed a large aviary on the property of his family home to help facilitate this practice. Twelve beautiful waterfowl were conveniently available to Chris for close inspection and to help refine his artwork.

In addition to working with waterfowl models, Chris’ work is inspired by nature; he finds great joy in observing birds and their ability to fly. Wildlife, such as great blue herons and primeval wilderness overwhelms him with a spiritual feeling; others can experience this feeling through Chris’ heartfelt sculptures.

Chris states that he works with various mediums ranging from abstract to realistic to capture the unique qualities of each species as they are revealed in a moment frozen in time.

Wilson has managed to cultivate a multidimensional practice as artistic as it is. His work is well known and admired by scholars of wildlife art, although he may not yet be a household name in the broader art world. Yet Wilson has remained relevant in his field for more than 40 years, despite changing styles and directions. This is partly due to his educational programs on monumentalizing wildlife, which created a demand for the kind of installation art that Wilson pioneered. He also continues to travel and lecture internationally on wildlife conservation and the arts. And while Wilson may have reached the pinnacle of prestige in his field, he seems poised to transcend narrow definitions and gain recognition outside of it.


Chris Wilson Sculptor

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