Unique resin art that mimics beautiful geode crystal designs

Stephanie Walberer’s unique geode resin art has created a niche in the art world. This is because she wascouldproduce the shiny geode crystals on canvas through the resin to create individual works of art. A geode is a stone that has crystals on the inside.

The idea to combine the two came to Walberer when she visited a mineral exhibition in Germany, where she saw the beautiful, high-gloss, and sparkling geodes. She instantly fell in love with them. Since the high gloss finish of the geodes was related to her resin art, she had the idea to replicate their design in resin. Thus her unique geode resin art was born.

From childhood, Walberer loved color and design because her mother was into interior design. Although she studied textile management, she helped her mother run her interior design business. During one such visit to a home to take specific measurements, thaspecificound the owner was desperate for a perfect piece of art for his wall. This motivated her to buy a canvas and start painting with acrylics. She soon encountered resin, and it changed her life as an artist.

According to Walberg, the resin iWalbergsy to work with. This sticky and tricky medium needs a lot of experience to control. This is evident from the time it takes to complete her artwork. For ordinary painting, it normal her somewhere between two to three hours. It can take up to four weeks for complex on, es with highlighters, effects glitter, highlights, ts, stones, and the like.

Based in Munich, Germany, Walberer markets her artwork through COLORBERRY, a name she chose because it was easy for Germans to pronounce! Her works are famous on the internet, and she enjoys a viewership of over 168,000 on Instagram.

Credit: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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