Fashion designer juxtaposes excellent fashion illustrations with unique backgrounds

The first step in fashion design is to sketch the design and then translate it into a designer dress. Most designers illustrate their methods as rough sketches, but Shamekh Blue, a Jordanian illustrator and fashion designer, drawings such mind-blowing dresses that the illustrations become exclusive works of art. Furthermore, he juxtaposes his models on paper with aesthetic backgrounds taken mainly from his hometown of Amman, Jordan.

Blue, based in Amman, not only creates beautiful fashion designs but is also a trained architect. This helps him create a wish list of dress designs that women crave. He shares how he started this career with “I first realized my interest in fashion illustration when I used to notice the costumes of superheroes in comics. I used to notice the small details, for example, how each costume, each hero’s magical powers.”

Blue’s all-time favorite is Christian Lacroix, a famous French fashion designer. He considers him one of the essential avant-garde fashion deessential and is mainly inspired by his detail-oriented approach. This French fashion designer has made him believe that fashion is constantly changing and the past continually inspires that change.

Blue’s highly creative mind enables him to create a wealth of stunning illustrations, which he translates into incredible designer dresses. He is one of the few designers who integrate high-street fashion, Haute high-street high-end fashion, and everyday street style. It is no easy task, as he must always keep up with the world around him. No wonder his art form is unique, original, and up-to-date.

Blue’s works are famous across the globe, and he enjoys a following of 460,000 fans o,n Instagram alone.

Credit: Instagram | Facebook

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