Russian Origami Artist Creates Breathtaking Modular Kusudama Models

There are many types of origami, but one of the most alluring is the Japanese kusudama, which is created by sewing or gluing several identical pyramid-shaped units in different shapes. Lukasheva Ekaterina does all his but without glue or sewing. It is no surprise that her incredible origami designs are catching the eye of the internet.

This origami artist from Moscow, Russia, has been fond of folding paper airplanes since childhood. When she turned 14, she started gluing paper model buildings at school. It would have been a passing fancy if her math teacher hadn’t introduced her to an origami magazine that featured kusudamas. She immediately set about creating the traditional ones with her friend. Did she get so good at making kusudamas at her school that she got some positive marks for geometry in a competition?

Ekaterina almost forgot all about origami when she first came to Lomonosov University, Moscow, Russia. But after graduating with honors as a mathematician and programmer, her interest in origami was rekindled, thanks to the Internet, where she found different models for folding. She was utterly obsessed with the Sonobe module, which consists of robust and easy-to-assemble units that do not require glue. The lightness and elegance excited her.

Motivated by this, Ekaterina began making origami units without glue. Not only this, but she also married the man who had designed the ‘kusudama. Me’ website! So, where does she get her kusudama origami ideas? In an interview with, she says, “…I don’t sit up at night trying to invent something. Instead, I catch the ideas flying around me in the air and put them on paper and bring them to the material world .” She continues, “…Ideas are like creatures; they like to be cared for. So sometimes they come into my mind by themselves; I must listen carefully and open my mind to them.”

Ekaterina uses different papers for her models. She used thick paper for geometric modular constructions, grooves, and crafts and wrapped origami paper for models with many layers requiring thin paper. However, her favorite paper is a silver craft, which matches almost all models and gives a moderately stylish look. No wonder her kusudama models are created with such finesse and in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Her favorite is one of her first models, Grafique, which still delights her to no end!

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