The artist sculpts fantasy-filled book covers

By her admission, Aniko Kolesnikova was born to be an artist. Since she was three years old, she has been drawing and painting, so much so that her patent answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was always an emphatic “an artist!” Since childhood, she has had a special attachment to plasticine and organic clay.

Born in Riga, Latvia, and currently based in the UK, this Russian sculptor is a qualified architect and interior designer but has only worked in this industry for a few years. She began by designing jewelry and sold her jewelry in her online stores. However, the clay really attracted her when she was in her final year at university. It was here that she found her; she had a natural talent for sculpting.

Pursuing her passion for this art form, Aniko came across some fantastic works by Mandarin Moon, a polymer clay sculptor, and her friend on Deviantart. Her friend introduced her to polymer clay and opened her mind to its limitless possibilities. But sculpting with this clay was no cakewalk, and she had to spend hours of practice to reach her current level.

Aniko set up her Etsy shop – Amandarinduck – where she sells her polymer clay works. She discontinued her other shops dealing in different kinds of jewelry in favor of polymer clay jewelry and book covers. She also makes polymer clay jewelry boxes to order.

Making adventurous book covers out of polymer clay takes work. It takes Aniko anywhere around two days to complete a book cover. This is because her covers are handmade, just like Mandarin Moon’s inspiration. She is as passionate about creating polymer clay book covers as she is about making jewelry from this medium. The time and effort she spends on each book cover and piece of jewelry shows in all her works.

Aniko offers a variety of polymer clay products, such as book covers in A6 to A4 sizes, all kinds of jewelry, jewelry boxes, and sometimes custom figurines for special occasions. However, she can work with almost anything, such as fairy-tale creatures, flora, fauna, characters from gothic films, and even abstract compositions.

In her life, Aniko is spiritually influenced by Hindu spirituality through ‘Bhagavat Gita.’ This spirituality helps her center herself and is reflected in all her works.

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