Sculptors create realistically ornate octopus crowns

If you love sea creatures, this unique octopus crown is definitely for you. Conceived by Adam Wallacavage, it is sure to make waves on the internet. And that’s not all this sculptor and lighting designer creates; his 12-room Gothic Victorian South Philadelphia brownstone is filled with many other unique works of art.

While giving his brownstone dining room an underwater theme, Wallacavage thought of making chandeliers to match the theme. He was inspired by a chandelier of glass jellyfish depicted in the book ‘Artforms in Nature’ by the German zoologist Ernst Haeckel. However, he did not know the glass worked, so he turned to cast plaster. He chose squid because it could be made into any shape or color.

Wallacavage created a black and white octopus crown for his ‘Jules Verne’ room using clay and latex mold, a mixture of Art Nouveau motifs and his fertile surrealist imagination. This ignited a passion in him and he started building hand-sculpted hands for elders.

For cast sculptures, Wallacavage uses traditional plastering techniques. He paints the cast figures with pigmented epoxy resin, iridescent powders, and glitter. His octopus chandeliers mimic not only the realistic shapes of this sea creature but also depict the range of colors it can become.

Wallacavage loves sea animals, especially the octopus, because he grew up in the beach town of Wildwood, New Jersey, USA. Thimbued him with a lifelong fascination with period architecture and the sea. He loved art, but began his career as a staff photographer for ‘Thrasher Skateboard Magazine.’ But art got the better of him and made him take up his first love – sculpture.

Wallacavage shares on his website: “After creating the chandeliers for my ‘Jules Verne’ room, I continued to make more, and in 2006, I had my first solo gallery show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, USA. Since then, I have shown my work in many galleries and museums worldwide.”

Wallacavage’s octopus crowns and other works are available for sale on several websites, such as and others. He also does custom commissions.

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