Cool girl drawing ideas and references

These cool-girl drawing ideas are the perfect drawing reference for artists. As I’ve been practicing more and more lately, I’ve found that I have so much fun drawing girl characters.

I’m a massive fan of Cameron Mark, an artist who is good at this. Cameron is g fantastic artist, and I’ve included some of his work below, along with a link to his Instagram account if you’d like to see more of his career.

1. Plump lips

Artist Credit: cameronmarkart
You’ll love recreating this reference for fun if you practice drawing female characters

2. Cute curly hair

Artist Credit: cameronmarkart
I love the facial expression she’s making here. I also love the short curly hairstyle that was chosen.

3. Big smile and braids

Artist Credit: mftfernandez
Fernanda is a super-talented artist who creates beautiful character drawings and illustrations. You can check out their YouTube channel for more.

4. Nose ring and flowers

Artist Credit: mftfernandez
Here is another beautiful drawing from Fernanda. Again, check out their YouTube channel, where they share their drawing process.

5. Holding a mug

Artist Credit: Angel Ganev
The artist, Angel Ganev, creates beautiful character drawings and illustrations. Check out the link below to see more of their art.

6. Short wavy hairstyle

Artist Credit: Angel Ganev
Here is another beautiful drawing from Angel. I love the character’s facial expressions and short hairstyle.

7. Honey drips from the eyes

Artist Credit: weheartit
This picture is so wonderful that you would have fun recreating it. I love how the honey drips from her eyes.

8. Melting wax

Artist Credit: themindsjournal
This image reminds me of a similar drawing I shared in my 25 Easy Sketch Ideas for Beginners post. I recommend checking it out for more drawing ideas.

9. Girl with a cat in the hat

Credit: weheartit
I couldn’t find a more explicit version of this drawing, but I just had to share it because I think people will have so much fun recreating it.

10. Beanie for The Winter

Artist Credit: Farjana Drawing Academy
The hair in this drawing looks so realistic. This drawing is perfect for anyone who wants to practice drawing hair.

11. For fans of BTS

Artist Credit: Farjana Drawing Academy
I think it’s so fun for fans of BTS. You can change the name of the hat to include your favorite musician.

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