Cat with Broken Leg

I want to know the cost of treating a broken leg cat. I’m not sure if it’s a broken leg or not, it’s a stray cat, normally it can walk on four legs but today I found it, it can walk on three legs, its front leg raised all the time. I saw that someone said my leg was swollen too, seeing it made me feel pity. So I want to take it for treatment.
And I want to know how much the treatment cost is because I will pay it myself.
I will take it for treatment next week. Will it be in time? It’s better than having to go back to the dormitory. Come back home next week.
Thank you.

I used to take my friend’s cat to the nearby hospital for examination. X-ray doctor to see and said that he had to dissect at Mahidol Salaya The cost of treatment is about 4000-5000 (estimated price) is the cheapest with 1 document provided. Go and submit it to Mahidol.

If you don’t treat
it – of course it will suffer, but you can’t say it, you can’t say it
– let it go for a long day, it will definitely break through. The future cut off the leg alone.

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