9 Mind-Blowing Street Art Murals You Should Know

We look at street art that tells the hard truth about society’s impact on the planet. Using walls as their canvas, many artists reach out to the masses through their thought-provoking murals.
These nine murals highlight issues such as climate change, water pollution, air pollution, and the impact of urbanization on the environment. The messages delivered to a widebroadience through large-scale painting on once-blank walls are hard to ignore.

1. The world is on fire by Eduardo Kobra

Sao Paulo-based street artist Eduardo Kobra creates large-scale murals that are filled with color and life. This striking piece is a nod to global warming and polar bears’ desperate struggle to avoid extinction.

2. Urbanization is Killing Us by Blu

Blu is the pseudonym of an Italian artist who hides his real identity. His ‘murals on an epic scale’ are easily recognizable, and his work expresses uncomfortable truths about political events and other social controversies.

3. The World is Going Down the Drain by Pejac

Pejac takes everyday outdoor features and manipulates them in subtle and different ways. This poignant piece depicts a portrait of the world that appears to be running down a sewer drain. Pejac’s paintings can be found in Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, London, and Milan. His paintings always touch on socioeconomic themes and deal with peace, freedom, and politics.

4. I Don’t Believe in Global Warming by Banksy

Located next to the Regent’s Canal in London, this striking mural differs from the rest of Banksy’s work, which tends to use stenciling. He rose to fame on the back of several anti-authority pieces and has become something of a national Britain.

5. The Legend of Giants by Natalia Rank

This highly vivid large-scale mural is in Bialystok, Poland, painted mainly for the Folk on the Street festival. It depicts a young girl wearing traditional Polish clothing while watering a tree.

6. Human Nature by Pejac

Spanish artist Pejac’s minimalism and subtractive techniques make his work stand out. He includes his surroundings and makes them an essential part of his art. His simple, powerful, and thoughtful art comes with clear messages.

7. Parking at Banksy

A young girl swings from the word ‘PARK’ in downtown Los Angeles. The extra ‘ING’ has faded out by Banksy, turning the word ‘PARKING’ into ‘PARK.’ This is highly poignant since a resident group just down the street from this area is looking to find a little more than $6 million to turn a parking lot into a community park with a playground.

8. Animals in zoos by ROA

The Belgian artist ROA is known for his gigantic paintings of black and white animals. He uses native animals based on his painting location and communicates the back story of a given city or landscape belonging to the local wildlife.

9. Born to be Wild in July

Canadian-based street artist from Toronto, A July I, mainly uses handmade stencils. Most of his projects show environmental and social issues with a satirical touch. He is also known for his street installations and ‘likes to show what people do to us.’

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