German Cosplayer delights viewers with her Cosplaying

Currently, she has a whopping 657,000 ardent cosplay fans on Instagram, making her one of the most viewed cosplayers in the world. She is Svetlana Quindt, a German cosplay artist who identifies herself as Kamui Cosplay on Instagram. Acme Cosplay is a two-person team, the other being Benjamin Schwarz or Benni, her husband. Both are based in Germany.

Trained in technical journalism, Svetlana loved reading about anime and Magna. Coincidentally, she got news about cosplay events. She continued to visit one such event and found almost all the attendees wearing cosplay costumes. For the next event, the occasion dressed up as the tremendous saiyaman character from Dragonball Z.

From such events, Svetlana got her inspiration to start making cosplay costumes and adopted her husband. Of course, both loved playing video games and watching movies. They started making costumes in 2003, and there has been nothing to look at since then! Gradually, this German couple focused their skills on making armor.

Svetlana’s first armor project was from World of Warcraft, a video game to which she became addicted. She chose a character from the game called Kamui, a night elf druid, and dressed up as him. Since then, she has also taken on armor projects from Diabolo and Starcraft. Intel and Newegg also commissioned her to create costumes for their booths at Blizzcon 2013.

Svetlana was always passionate about sharing her self-taught knowledge with other cosplayers. Today, completing a decade in business, Kamui Cosplay shares its expertise with the cosplay community across the globe. It helps other cosplayers through step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, blog posts, and cosplay crafting books, such as ‘The Book of Cosplay Armor Making’ and ‘The Book of Cosplay Painting.’ It also runs a YouTube channel and sells its patterns on its website.

Svetlana has made several guest appearances as a cosplayer. Her work began to be noticed when she won Blizzard’s first European costume contest. She has also won the Grand Prize at Blizzcon. She shares on her website: “For us, cosplay is the best way we can express our love for a fictional world or character.”

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